In any house with the basement, the sump pump is the essential equipment which help people to save their basement and also a solution for the floor season. To choose the suiable and good working sump pump, you need to under stand the features, functions and characteristic of the sump pump. You can find the best sump pump brand to choose the good product without worry about the quality, the dealer will give you some advice for the final decisions, help you to pick the most suitable one for your house. In the list below, there are some of the best sump pump in the current market plus info about the online studies for plumbers.Hope it can help you, enjoy!

Wayne SPV-800 Sump Pump

Overall view: Wayne’s SPV-800 is the pedes sump pump which is designed with strong power in order to keep the sump empty even it has heavy rain. In one hour, this sump pump can pump out about 1500 gallons water thanks to the 20-foot lift. Its construction is made from cast iron and the shaft and be coated by epoxy. NPT outlet size is1.5 inches is the best choice for plumbing installations. Those stuff help to increase the durability of the sump pump, help you to save more money and therefore, you do not need to replace the submersible sump pump in the short more about SPV at

Review: This kind of sump pump is the best choice for the household basement due to the the simple operation and easy to maintain, replace, etc. The motor is designed with ½ horse power make the sump pump can push the water up to 20 feet high or more. To prevent the case of clogging, the pump inlets are place above the housing. Even this pump is belong to the pedestal pumps, but the noise it make is not more, even less than the old submersibles one. In conclusion, there are some pros and cons of this product:


Cast iron structure
½ inches outlet of NPT
2 years warranty


Using the plastic motor housing
Price: You can find this sump pump on some web under the price of $150

Superior Pump 92301 Pedestal Pump

This is a product of Superior Pump, belonging to the Pedestal sump pump. Using the 1/3 HP, 115 VAC and 25 lbs, this product is suitable to be used with the min sump diameter is 12 inches.

Overall view: This pump can move about 3000 gallons of water each hour even with the motor capacity just 1/3 HP and a steel drive shaft. The float can move for a long distance, so it is suitable for the deep sump basin, help to decrease the on/ off time of the switches, therefore increase the durabiloty of the switches.

Reviews: This sump pump is the best choice pump for the srawl space or for the most type of household basement. The construction from stainless material help this pump become a durable and stable working for a long time before need to replace. The advantages of this pump is the cast iron structure, the discharge, and 3 years warranty.

Price: This product has lower price than the sum pump above with the price at $107.

Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 Pedestal sump pump

This is the highlight pedesral sump pump of Flotec which provides a lot of convenients to the users

Overall view: Using the 1/3 HP motor, this sump pump can handle 2460 gallons water per hour with the 10-foot discharge lift. The float can travel to 8 inches help to deceare the on/ off time of the switches, maintain the durability of the pump, especially at the heavy rain day. The motor draws is just 3.5A at the highest level of work, so this pump is suitableto the sump with the diameter size at least 2 inches. The thermoplastic construction is not only help to increase the durability, flexibility but also provides a light weight pump, easy to install and move to the basement.

Review: Due to the 1/3 HP motor power, this pedestal sump pump is suitable to medium ans small basement with average work requirement.

Price: This is the cheapest sump pump in this list, and also the best choice for the sump pump under $80.